Válasszon országot

A celebration of LAUFEN, Budapest, Hungary, 27th January 2022

In January 2022 LAUFEN Hungarian team made first brand event.

The location was Aria Hotel’s High Note Skybar, above the city of Budapest.

The special guest was Ilker Hussein, who is a great leader of Global Project Team.

Ákos Németh presents a celebration of LAUFEN brand with Team, Supply Partners and Interior Designers, to mark our 4 year journey with his focus on projects, with over 60 attandees. We took the opportunity to present the BRAND: LAUFEN, and „10 Years of Laufen International Projects” charting our project journey around the world, featuring local successes of Ákos working with the Global Project Team.

In the closing the presentation Luis Sergio Castro speaking about how important to work closely with designers.